The cloud-based holistic platform


MyndSCAPE is a secure cloud-based network that enables ongoing real-time data tracking and analysis. It seamlessly connects each IoT component to real world products, places, people and events.

Viewed holistically, MyndSCAPE is simply the world's most advanced and effective system for brand intelligence and secure logistics.

It is designed to deepen understanding and raise efficiency across every facet of a business.



How big data becomes business intelligence


Today a retailer can obtain comprehensive customer data from a variety of in-house and external sources. Properly interpreted, such customer data provides insightful predictions to highlight which customers are likely to make a purchase, the amount of spending, desirable products, timing of purchases, and much more.

MyndQUEST applies algorithms and artificial intelligence to interpret and analyse customer, product and market data. MyndQUEST analysis drives real action to:

  • Identify and greet VIP customers upon arrival in the showroom
  • Identify and showcase stock that attracts the most interest
  • Understand with high probability customer motivation – are they indulging themselves, buying gifts, a collector?
  • Optimise product displays and showroom layout
  • Optimise stock levels and pricing
  • Close and fulfil sales faster
  • Deliver more efficient after sales service
  • Identify and reward high sales performers, and highlight those who need training
Fully Integrated ERP System
MyndBASE is a fully integrated ERP system, specially designed for jewellers, watchmakers for enhancing operation efficiency and save costs. Fully modular and scalable to cater for present and future business needs, MyndBASE allows real time sharing of business information through out the entire enterprise and greatly reduce operation cost and cycle time.

MyndBASE also manages multi-location operations and subcontracting work commonly found in the jewellery industry.
MyndBASE forms an integral part of the MyndSCAPE holistic platform.
• Setting up Item Master has become easier. Preset fields specifically designed for Jewellery industry allows input on types of alloy, weight info, costs, wastage etc.
• Quotations are created within the system. It is based upon the BOM, markup factor, labour, types of alloy and stone prices. MyndBASE connects with the gold prices market and precious stones market and formulate daily updates to the system. Excel files are used for easy importing and exporting of data.
• Different reports could be generated from the system, and with different login authority, users are allow to check the status of different workflows.
• The overall benefit of using MyndBASE is the comprehensiveness of the total MyndSCAPE solution, combining ERP, POS and CRM in one holistic platform.
Key features:
• Support multi-user, multi-currency, multi-location, multi-site, multi-warehouse
• System security by multi-level user-authority matrix
• Full system integration, from design, quotation, to sales and invoicing
• Pre-defined standard BOM with material / labor cost / additional cost / routing to guide the whole process
• Pre-defined system pre-fix and auto-generated running numbers for all modules
• Client / Server based program with remote sites connection, through Citrix
• Rapaport pricing input
• Quotation by customer type pricing in bill of materials level
• Depreciating cost handling
• Declaration with carnet for customs
• User friendly lookup and user edit reporting
Dedicated features for Jewellery industry:
• Material consignment from suppliers
• Material purchase from consignment
• Material consignment return to supplier
• Material re-cast
• Daily gold price updating
• Precious stones market connection
• Gold casting
• Finished goods consignment to customer
• Consignment out and return
• Consignment sales return
• Tag printing with material details
• Materials movement / purchase / balance /
consignment outstanding report
• Sales order status report
• Job order status / balance / completion report
• Sales performance report
• Gross profit report


Optimising visibility,
security and velocity


Smart showroom




Technofusion is a seamless integration between a brand’s customer facing visual identity and Myndar’s IoT solutions enhancing customer experiences and business insight through the use of technology.

Myndar understands the importance of understanding a brand’s values and potential customer touchpoints. We work with our clients to design the best possible solutions to solve their problems utilizing our comprehensive range of IoT devices, such as mTray, mHand, mPad and mLog, improving client operations throughout the value chain. The look and feel of the devices complement and enrich existing business processes offering a smooth user experience. During every use, data is collected in real time from each IoT device and is synchronized across the business in a virtual database for big data analysis, generating valuable business intelligence.

This holistic and comprehensive solution approach, delivers greater efficiency and profitability, higher security and accuracy, better, actionable data and faster business decisions.

To learn more about Technofusion and how it can benefit your brand, please email to