The guardian for luxury brands

Intelligent brand technology by Myndar promises luxury jewellery brands greater profitability, higher security and profound business insights.

Our unique approach to retail infrastructure drives growth with a fusion of technology, data, people, products and places.

The omniscient chairman

Myndar gives executives secure access to an easy-to-understand mobile dashboard displaying current business performance to:

  • Identify hotspots that need attention on activity maps
  • Track showroom behaviour and conversions in near real-time
  • Conduct ongoing qualitative and quantitative research
  • View predictive data visualisations and model business outcomes
  • Receive insights into future trends
  • Correlate market data from multiple points and sources
  • Provide insights on future trends
  • View detailed reports and what-if projections

With Myndar, all of this and more is at your fingertips.